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"As a Transformational Healing Coach and a one-time golf professional, I enforce the importance for you to be in the best physical and mindful shape, a superior being. You will learn to allow the energy flow of your body to strengthen and balance all of your internal system, returning them back to the way they were designed to be. You will light a fire of longevity, increased happiness, higher levels of consciousness and activate your Inner Power Performance, whatever path you choose to walk through life”.   William Power



“Coach William Power is a gifted healer whose work enables people to better align their body's energies and improve their performance in all spheres of life."


Eric Leskowitz MD

Director, Integrative Medicine Task Force

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Department of Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

 Boston MA    USA




Coach William Power has a remarkable ability to fuse Psychology and Energy Medicine to strengthen mind and body performance for anyone willing to allow it to happen” 


Fred P. Gallo Ph.D, DCEP 

President of ACEP 

Clinical Psychologist

 Author of Energy Psychology




"I have made more progress with anxiety and pain in 3 weeks !! with Coach William Power than I have in the past 15 years of conventional approaches" David B.


"I now know how get In-The-Zone any time... Thanks Coach William Power...It is like being dialled into a magical performance state of mind and body feeling" PK S.


"Coach William Power coaching is inspired by his personal experiences; his knowledge, compassion, energy, and love permeate his workshops and personal sessions. He creates compelling and creative learning experiences that promote solutions, make you smile and boost your sense of well-being".

 Lynda Mainwaring, Ph.D., C. Psych.

University of Toronto, Canada


"Great results are happening from Coach William Power unique approach, which promotes business building by transforming obsessive and anxiety-driven detail management activity into natural, heart-based harmony, which then reflects throughout the business in amazing ways - everyone becomes happier and more productive, and we become relaxed, healthier and more naturally attractive and magnetic to prospective customers"  

Dr. Douglas Nelson MD  USA 





"I love and appreciate the strong but sensitive approach that Coach William Power has that enables breaking through to higher energetic states of mind and performance"

Dr. Dave Shirazi DDS MS MA LAc RPSGT 

California  USA




♦️"Coach William Power operates from an educated heart and I have learned to be more intuitive."  Les P.

♦️"Coach William Power has an aura of gentleness, acceptance and helping authority and his expertise is the ability to hone-in on the key issue or situation, like radar."  Doug C.

♦️"I am doing really well Coach William Power. So much better than I thought. My vibration is high and I am on the Love Channel majority of the time. Life is amazing ! You've shown me how and now I have my life back and I sincerely thank you." Susan E.

♦️"After I worked with a famous Master in New York I achieve results but nothing like the 3 remote sessions of Heart based Chi with Coach William Power. My heart is now more opened. I have truly awakened with my health and wealth unfolding better and better." Tara B.


 ♦️"I just wanted to drop you a quick note on how great I've been feeling after that last session we did. My energy first and foremost has skyrocketed! I feel so strong and powerful! I started working out again and eating proper! Im getting lean! Things in general just seem to be going my way! Everything is clicking perfectly. 


You were right about me turning into a honeycomb! The ladies are gravitating to me even more so. I got a few dates set up this week so will see how that goes. However I didn't think peoples dogs would gravitate towards me to. I walk down the street now and dogs come at me wagging there tails and jumping all over the place! Its hilarious! But Im very grateful and feel blessed having such a magnificent life coach on my team. Thanks so much William and can't wait for our next session." Dennis D.


♦️"I have moved onto a new path in life and I have been happier now than I have ever been." Virginia K.

♦️"I have felt creatively dead for years but ever since Coach William Power helped me clear the blockages and released pent up negative energy, I don't seem to be able to go through a day without having new and exciting ideas just springing to mind! I am truly living out of the clouds and into the sunshine. I can't stop smiling and everyone is noticing." Heather V.

♦️"Coach William Power has not only freed up my mental blocks to excel, but has helped me heal my physical body to perform in my athletic performance at a higher level." Sarah W.

♦️"I have been able to clear and heal so much on an emotional and physical level with Coach William Power, more than any other therapist." Winnie K.

♦️"The session I had with Coach William Power was so great, I went home that night so relaxed and slept like a baby." Josie G.

♦️"My thoughts are much clearer and I feel fantastic and in-charge of my emotions. As a result I feel better equipped to deal with what may come up." Stephan C.

♦️"My heart is open again, my body is taking on a new shape and my beautiful smile has returned." Patricia F.

♦️"I am enjoying a new mindset in life and my new attitude at work is opening doors." Felicity L.

♦️"Coach William Power taught me how to connect with the warm energy of love, and now my ability to express myself is more natural especially when delivering meetings and group presentations."  Pamela A.




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