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The Essence of Sales™

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"The success of your business is determined by the quality of your sales people." Coach William Power


The New Realities can be Your New Realities

In today’s competitive marketplace, customers expect more from salespeople. They expect more information expertise. They expect - and deserve - honesty and integrity. In short they expect value - not only in the products or services they are purchasing, but also in the relationships they have with their sales representatives. And with more possible suppliers to choose from, they can afford to be demanding.



The Art and Science of Business Energy™ Sales Training

Finding a sales training program is easy. Finding a program that meets these new realities is another matter. The Essence of Sales™ is a training program committed to three concrete goals. Each member of your sales stuff will learn to:

  • Sell more, and sell more quickly than they ever imagined.
  • Enjoy not only the learning process, but also the day-to-day selling process.
  • Build a personal sense of what works for them as sales people, and so be able to adapt that skill as your product line changes.


The Essence of Sales™ is a unique program in several ways. It incorporates the most advanced tools of applied psychology; Accelerated Learning, Compliance Theory, NLP and Energy Psychology. As a result, every program: 

  • Focuses on the small core competencies that the sales representative needs, allowing your staff to apply their skills immediately.
  • Uses a consistent framework that encourages the sales representative to continually refresh and deepen their skills.
  • Takes a highly experiential approach. Salespeople don't just read about core selling skills. They build their gut level understanding of the sales process through an array of projects, including; role-playing, visualization, worksheets, and games. 
  • Sales training is largely a matter of experiential learning, but not solely. The Essence of Sales™ ensures that your staff’s learning is retained and reinforced through assessment tools, individualized notes, and comprehensive handouts.
  • The Essence of Sales™ can be precisely customized to your time frame, budget, and the training level of your staff.


"A business' greatest expense.... is often the sales it's not getting." Coach William Power


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“Coach William Power is a gifted healer whose work enables people to better align their body's energies and improve their performance in all spheres of life."


Eric Leskowitz MD

Director, Integrative Medicine Task Force

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Department of Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

 Boston MA    USA




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"As a Transformational Healing Coach and a one-time golf professional, I enforce the importance for you to be in the best physical and mindful shape, a superior being. You will learn to allow the energy flow of your body to strengthen and balance all of your internal system, returning them back to the way they were designed to be. You will light a fire of longevity, increased happiness, higher levels of consciousness and activate your Inner Power Performance, whatever path you choose to walk through life”.   William Power




Coach William Power has a remarkable ability to fuse Psychology and Energy Medicine to strengthen mind and body performance for anyone willing to allow it to happen” 


Fred P. Gallo Ph.D, DCEP 

President of ACEP 

Clinical Psychologist

 Author of Energy Psychology




"Coach William Power coaching is inspired by his personal experiences; his knowledge, compassion, energy, and love permeate his workshops and personal sessions. He creates compelling and creative learning experiences that promote solutions, make you smile and boost your sense of well-being".

 Lynda Mainwaring, Ph.D., C. Psych.

University of Toronto, Canada


"Great results are happening from Coach William Power unique approach, which promotes business building by transforming obsessive and anxiety-driven detail management activity into natural, heart-based harmony, which then reflects throughout the business in amazing ways - everyone becomes happier and more productive, and we become relaxed, healthier and more naturally attractive and magnetic to prospective customers"  

Douglas Nelson MD  USA 











"I love and appreciate the strong but sensitive approach that Coach William Power has that enables breaking through to higher energetic states of mind and performance"

Dr. Dave Shirazi DDS MS MA LAc RPSGT 

California  USA







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