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Presenter of High Performance - Coach William Power

 International Energy Psychology Conferences since 2010 

"Peak Performance Methods that Achieve New Levels of Prowess"

Also - Keynote Speakers

Bruce Lipton PhD - The New Biology

Dawson Church PhD

Dr Fred Gallo - Energy Psychology



“Coach William Power is a gifted healer whose work enables people to better align their body's energies and improve their performance in all spheres of life."


Eric Leskowitz MD

Director, Integrative Medicine Task Force

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Department of Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

 Boston MA    USA






 "As a one-time golf pro, Coach William Power enforces the importance for you to be in the best physical and mindful shape, a superior being. You will learn to allow the energy flow of your body to strengthen and balance all of your internal system, returning them back to the way they were designed to be. You will light a fire of longevity and fantastic performance, whatever path you choose to walk through life”.




Coach William Power has a remarkable ability to fuse Psychology and Energy Medicine to strengthen mind and body performance for anyone willing to allow it to happen” 


Fred P. Gallo Ph.D, DCEP 

President of ACEP 

Clinical Psychologist

 Author of Energy Psychology




The creator of the Heart based Chi™, Heart Chi Gong™ and Heart Qi Gong balancing method since 2006 with Psychology = Energy Psychology Profound Lasting Results



HbC ~ the art of balancing your emotional and physical body™

Do you emotionally feel

  • Being taken advantage
  • Being cheated
  • Being pushed around
  • Agitated and frustrated
  • Angry and worry
  • Loosing trust
  • Depressed and moody
  • Grief and sadness
  • Stuck and hopeless
  • Guilty and unworthy
  • Lonely and scared
  • Misunderstood
  • Anxiety

Do you physically feel

  • Tired and exhausted
  • Pain, Sores and Aches
  • Restless and nervous
  • Tightness in chest
  • Hard to fall asleep
  • Sick and imbalanced
  • Poor circulation and weak immunity

Heart based Chi ™ method created by Coach William Power is your answer !



Heart based Chi ™

Love Energy Coaching ~ Medical Qi Gong ~ Energy Psychology of Healing

~ Easily release all stresses and fears 

~ Grow to be more aware and choose the Love channel

~ Become willing and able to radiate the body with Love Energy Chi

~ Quickly start balancing your physical and emotional wellbeing

~ HbC shows you how to enjoy life in minutes 

~ Learn how to turn every problem into an opportunity

~ Never make the same mistake twice

~ You will build new Love based beliefs and release fear based beliefs

~ FEEL Coach William’s guidance and Qi (chi) Energy Healing


Benefits of HbC teachings:

Become Happier 

  • Easily find your passion and your unique life purpose
  • Make better decisions and accept more Love into your Life
  • Create new and simple automatic habits
  • Learn to Love from the inside out
  • Attract new Loving Relationships
  • Create inner Balance and Inner Peace
  • Connect quickly with the self in the present moment
  • Develop awareness, empathy, intuition, intelligence and freedom

Become Healthier

  • Activate the body’s Natural healing mechanism
  • Release Physical symptoms and limitations 
  • Balance your Emotions and be Happier now
  • Heal the core root of any problem anytime

Love yourself like you never have !

Find your power, passion & peace™!


♦️Coach William Power performance methods of balancing the mind, heart and body are now being  
Taught to... Endorsed and Accepted by 

• Professional Athletes 
• CEO's 
• Medical Doctors 
• Olympic Athletes 
• Scientists 
• Executives 
• Personal Trainers 
• Psychologists PhD 
• Body Builders 
• Speakers 
• Cell Biologists



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"I love and appreciate the strong but sensitive approach that Coach William Power has that enables breaking through to higher energetic states of mind and performance"

Dr. Dave Shirazi DDS MS MA LAc RPSGT 

California  USA





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Do you emotionally feel

  • Being taken advantage
  • Being cheated
  • Being pushed around
  • Agitated and frustrated
  • Angry and worry
  • Loosing trust
  • Depressed and moody
  • Grief and sad
  • Stuck and hopeless
  • Guilty and unworthy
  • Lonely and scared
  • Misunderstood
  • Anxiety


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Coach William put his Type II diabetes into remission using Chinese Medical QiGong, a balance diet and dancing through life with HeartbasedChi™. 


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Stress can have various effects on the individual and the organization.

When the employee suffers, the organization may also be affected by absenteeism, work related accidents, turnover and impaired decision making.


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I have felt creatively dead for years but ever since Coach William helped me.