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Employees who view Change as an Opportunity, who translate Stress into Power.

Teams that act with the Efficiency of a single voice and the Intelligence of the Group.

Managers who do More than influence and motivate ~ managers who Truly Lead.      




"Great results are happening from Coach William Power unique approach, which promotes business building by transforming obsessive and anxiety-driven detail management activity into natural, heart-based harmony, which then reflects throughout the business in amazing ways - everyone becomes happier and more productive, and we become relaxed, healthier and more naturally attractive and magnetic to prospective customers"  

 Douglas Nelson MD USA





Business Energy Communication

At the very heart of all these goals is communication. Communication is truly the blood of your organization, present in every relationship and in every transaction. To neglect communication is to jeopardize the success of every activity in your company ~ from the individual email to the broadest strategic plans. To hone communication is to strengthen your company against difficult times, and to create a decisive strategic advantage.

Our training is customized to your corporate mission - not just the financial bottom line, but also the values and aspirations of individuals.

We offer a network of coaching modalities specializing in all branches of Communications:

  • Interpersonal Communication to Public Speaking
  • Overcome Fear and Anxiety
  • Build Instant Rapport in Meetings and with Audiences
  • Speak Naturally and Persuasively
  • Handle Difficult Questions in the Moment
  • Compose Speeches Quickly and Easily 


One-On-One Business Energy Communication Mentoring


For executives, media personnel, entrepreneurs, politicians, salespeople, top performing athletes and managers at the senior level, effective communication is no longer a matter of a firm handshake and an effective turn of phrase. Senior People like this need communications control: be in charge of their images, their messages, and their audiences. When the stakes are high, the most effective approach is One-On-One Business Energy Communication Mentoring.



Business Energy Workshops 

Is not just another training program. Our programs create measurable and lasting change.

The reasons for our success are clear in all our programs due to the systematic science of Energy Psychology.

Learning is the order of the day - for individuals, for teams, and for the whole corporations. And in the real world of tight schedules and tighter budgets, workshops will continue to be the learning vehicle of choice. Yet many of us are “workshop weary”: we cannot face another day of exuberance without content, or information without application. Our workshops are different.

Why Business Energy Workshops Create Lasting Improvement

Our programs identify and dissolve bad habits that have developed from our families, our schools, and the natural process of imitation.

Retention of learning is dramatically improved through the tools of Accelerated Learning and Energy Psychology. 

We use colour, music, experiential simulations and games, both left and right brain integration that focuses on revitalizing the mind-body bio-energetic connection while at the same time clearing fatigue, stress, limiting beliefs and emotional issues.

One will feel more free, creative and inspired to achieve stunning new results.




Business Energy Seminars / Keynote Speaking

Because Business Energy Seminars Keynote Speaking is equally committed to the art and the science of communication, our training is not only effective - it’s energizing.

Stress can have various effects on the individual and the organization.

When the employee suffers from lack of energy and focus, the organization will also be affected by absenteeism, work related accidents, turnover and impaired decision making. 

Many organizations are now opening up to new ways of taking more care of their investment, the employee. By offering special wellness days, stress reduction seminars and lead by example Keynote Speaking engagements, the corporate culture has the opportunity to gel magically as a whole to new levels of amazing individual and team oriented results. 

Coach William Power has over three decades of success coaching professionals and corporations to turn their goals into visions, and their visions into realities.



Business Energy Seminars & Keynote Speaking Heartens:

~ Reduces Stress and Allows one to become More Creative

~ Re-Energizes a Person any time Quickly

~ Elevates the Mind to make Better Decisions

~ Promotes Healthier Lifestyles

~ Increases Productivity with Less sick days

~ Encourages the Best Customer Relationships Imaginable

 For on demand results to feel balanced any time and any where



Business Energy Seminars can be designed to meet your needs. (half-day or full day)


Keynote Speaking can be specifically utilized to jumpstart the awareness and desire of your employees in the direction to become better as a person and work more free with less issues as a team.



Business Energy Wellness 

Entry Level Energy Coaching. Hire Coach William Power or Business Energy™ associates for a 30 minute Energy Work set of teachings ~ easy-to-follow breathing exercise and energy visualization meditations that produces quick positive change.

It nourishes each individual to minimize anxiety and maximize self-confidence

Morning ~ preparing for a productive day by refreshing our thoughts and body = bringing forth better focus, productivity and connection with other staff and clients

Lunch for better digestion = eliminate afternoon siesta and fatigue - producing more energy to do tasks in the afternoon

End of Day for clearing negative energies and thoughts that you have taken on from others throughout the day = boasting the ability to arrive home with a smile all the time



Choose to Empower your Employees now !

Retain Coach William Power and Assist your Organization




“Coach William Power is a gifted healer whose work enables people to better align their body's energies and improve their performance in all spheres of life."


Eric Leskowitz MD

Director, Integrative Medicine Task Force

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Department of Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

 Boston MA    USA







"As a Transformational Healing Coach and a one-time golf professional, I enforce the importance for you to be in the best physical and mindful shape, a superior being. You will learn to allow the energy flow of your body to strengthen and balance all of your internal system, returning them back to the way they were designed to be. You will light a fire of longevity, increased happiness, higher levels of consciousness and activate your Inner Power Performance, whatever path you choose to walk through life”.   William Power




Coach William Power has a remarkable ability to fuse Psychology and Energy Medicine to strengthen mind and body performance for anyone willing to allow it to happen” 


Fred P. Gallo Ph.D, DCEP 

President of ACEP 

Clinical Psychologist

 Author of Energy Psychology




PODCAST - High Performance Power - 15 min.   





 "Coach William Power coaching is inspired by his personal experiences; his knowledge, compassion, energy, and love permeate his workshops and personal sessions. He creates compelling and creative learning experiences that promote solutions, make you smile and boost your sense of well-being".


Lynda Mainwaring, Ph.D., C. Psych.

University of Toronto, Canada


"I love and appreciate the strong but sensitive approach that Coach William Power has that enables breaking through to higher energetic states of mind and performance"

Dr. Dave Shirazi DDS MS MA LAc RPSGT 

California  USA














♦️Coach William Power pioneering methods of balancing the mind, heart and body are now being  
Taught to... Endorsed and Accepted by 

• Harvard Medical School MD
• Professional Athletes 
• CEO's + CFO's
• Medical Doctors 
• Olympic Athletes 
• Scientists 
• Musicians
• Personal Trainers 
• Oxford PhD 
• Body Builders 
• Speakers + Actors
• Cell Biologists



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