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+ Endorsed by Harvard Medical School MD and Oxford PhD

+ Co-created over $100 BILLION with Celebrities/Execs

+ Supported 14 Sports Teams/Pro Athletes to be CHAMPIONS

+ Presenter of High Performance methods at International Psychology Conferences since 2010

+ Keynote Speaker along with Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Fred Gallo

+ Creator of the HEART based CHI Performance Method 

+ Co-Founder of WY® Qi Gong Wellness Institute 

+ Founder of Inner Power Surge LLC  

+ Communication Coach to: APPLE, Bell Canada, RBC, IBS, Bell South, Viacom and Pro Athletes



“Coach William Power is a gifted healer whose work enables people to better align their body's energies and improve their performance in all spheres of life."


Eric Leskowitz MD

Director, Integrative Medicine Task Force

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Department of Psychiatry

Harvard Medical School

 Boston MA    USA





Coach William Power has a remarkable ability to fuse Psychology and Energy Medicine to strengthen mind and body performance for anyone willing to allow it to happen” 


Fred P. Gallo Ph.D, DCEP 

President of ACEP 

Clinical Psychologist

 Author of Energy Psychology




PODCAST - High Performance Power - 15 min.   








coach william

Coach William Power


Coach William Power is an internationally renowned and medically endorsed performance healer. His laser-like gift for over 35 years is his ability to heal core performance blocks and physical problems, allowing your true inner self and inner power alignment to develop, and teaching you how to get beyond the external influences that negatively impact health and performance. 


Presenter at International Energy Psychology Conferences for Ten years, and Inheritor of ancient Medical QiGong wisdom from high mountains in China, master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnotherapy & Energy Psychology,


Coach William Power has a remarkable ability to identify and release energy blockages in your body, and send healing chi to immediately enhance your performance, develop a superior operating system (sOS™), and balance your mind/energy being.


As creator of the HeartbasedChi™ Performance Method, Coach William Power can, like no other, guarantee more wins for business and sports..


Coach William Power has success as a CEO & Executive Whisperer, High Performance Mental and Physical Coach for Olympic & Professional Athletes, Energy Medicine Researcher and Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant.


Coach William Power has collaborated with entrepreneurs clarifying their company visions, consulted on communication strategy to politicians and religious leaders, coached people to achieve their own Peak Potential, helped athletes Get the Psychological Edge™ not with their opponent but with themselves, and empowered professionals to grow as managers and leaders. 

William is a masterful communicator and a person with paranormal ability to apprehend the mental and emotional state of another individual. His workshops and coaching involve stirring explorations, serious learning, and a lot of fun.

Medical Qi Gong for over 5,000 years is an ancient art in balancing and strengthening one's life force. You will be coached to use better breathing, visualization, meditation and movement to collect and circulate life energy throughout your body. You will become happier, healthier, more energy efficient and more focused. You will find more inner power and inner peace by taking charge of your own wellbeing by communicating deeper with your body, and having the ability to heal your own injuries anytime.

Chi Gong's effects are concrete, and have been accepted by medical doctors, scientists and top performing athletes.

Millions have benefited from the secret healing and restoration effects of medical Qi Gong.

Regardless of your age or level of health, we can all learn Qi Gong and raise our energy, consciousness and wellbeing.


Among its benefits, Medical Qi Gong can:

~ Reduce stress for total harmony and peace

~ Strengthen the immune system and prevent illness

~ Reduce pain and promote deep relaxation

~ Improve circulation and digestive health

~ Slow the aging process and restore hormonal balance

~ Boost daily energy and improve sleep














"Great results are happening from Coach William Power unique approach, which promotes business building by transforming obsessive and anxiety-driven detail management activity into natural, heart-based harmony, which then reflects throughout the business in amazing ways - everyone becomes happier and more productive, and we become relaxed, healthier and more naturally attractive and magnetic to prospective customers"  

 Douglas Nelson MD USA 



Energy Psychology 

Your thoughts are shaping, molding and playing out your life, and if you are not happy with the results you are getting, then one must change and think different. This is where we must choose to believe that it is possible to exert mind over matter, take charge of our destiny through our thoughts and tell a different story to ourselves. This is why letting go of old beliefs that are not supporting this transition and replacing them with Love based beliefs is the key.

This is one powerful talent that Coach William Power offers, and this kind of healthy clean up and change can be done faster than you think. What is special is that he wants to teach you how to do this, thus you becoming stronger, happier and self sufficient.



"Coach William Power coaching is inspired by his personal experiences; his knowledge, compassion, energy, and love permeate his workshops and personal sessions. He creates compelling and creative learning experiences that promote solutions, make you smile and boost your sense of well-being".

 Lynda Mainwaring, Ph.D., C. Psych.

University of Toronto, Canada



"I love and appreciate the strong but sensitive approach that Coach William Power has that enables breaking through to higher energetic states of mind and performance"

Dr. Dave Shirazi DDS MS MA LAc RPSGT 

California  USA





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