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What is stopping you from being healthier and happier ?

Coach William's session will balance you physically and emotionally.

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Coach William Power is a peak power, lead by example and trusted advisor to CEOs, Executives, Professional Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Leaders

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You can connect deeper and faster with yourself and others

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Do you emotionally feel

  • Being taken advantage
  • Being cheated
  • Being pushed around
  • Agitated and frustrated
  • Angry and worry
  • Loosing trust
  • Depressed and moody
  • Grief and sad
  • Stuck and hopeless
  • Guilty and unworthy
  • Lonely and scared
  • Misunderstood
  • Anxiety


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Coach William put his Type II diabetes into remission using Chinese Medical QiGong, a balance diet and dancing through life with HeartbasedChi™. 


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Corporate Events

Stress can have various effects on the individual and the organization.

When the employee suffers, the organization may also be affected by absenteeism, work related accidents, turnover and impaired decision making.


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I have felt creatively dead for years but ever since Coach William helped me.